About Agape fellowship Church



Personal Testimony 


Pastor Daniel was born and brought up in a Christian family but never experienced the love of Jesus. He lived his life in pain and insecurity as he was abused at a very young age which led him into brokenness and shame. To overcome this rejection, pain and depression he stared to smoke, booze and take drugs from age of 15. To fulfill his addictions he needed money so he started to work in small factories where he got into wrong friendships and started stealing metals and sell them for extra money. No matter how much he did to get out of his pain and depression the more he went deeper and deeper into it. There came a time in his life where he could not take it any longer so he decided that he will commit suicide and that was the time when he had an encounter with our beloved and loving Savior Jesus Christ. One of his friends (Srikanth) invited him to a Church service. Daniel initially said no but his friend insisted him to come. Just to avoid the pressure of his friend Daniel visited the church service.                                                                                                                                                           

He went and sat in the last row but the ushers took him and made him sit in the front row. It was very different service everyone had a smile on their faces and everyone was so joyful. When Daniel saw them he felt that he needed what they had. The preacher started preaching on God’s love and acceptance and in the end he gave an altar call for people to respond to God’s love. Daniel knew he had to go forward but did not have the courage. All of a sudden the preacher said “there is a young boy here who is completely broken and is in pain God wants to heal you today. He is asking you to come as you are for he loves you as you are. He has a plan for your life. If you will trust him today he will make your life beautiful”. When Daniel heard it he knew that it was him he could not resist the move of the Holy Spirit, he ran forward and knelt down with tears flowing down his eyes and said “Lord Jesus I come to you.  I know you love me and accepted me. Please help me and heal me” He felt a strange peace come into his heart. All pain was gone. It was glorious experience. Daniel could not believe what happened to him. He said “Lord if this is true then I should no longer have any desire for my old habits”. Lord heard his pray and confirmed it. From that day Daniel was a changed person. Later he recalls and says “once I was nobody but today I am a Son of God”. After this experience of God’s Love Daniel had great desire to take this message of Unconditional love to those who were like him in this world. There started his journey with a powerful vision to empty hell and populate heaven by preaching the power of Cross and Resurrection. He studied his theological studies at International Christian College (Hyderabad) and Charis Bible College (Hyderabad).


Pastor Daniel started Agape fellowship Church in the year 2010 with 4 members in a small dental clinic with a vision to spread God’s unconditional love through works and actions of love.  Pastor Daniel and his wife (Ramya Keerthi) are committed to serve and minister in love and compassion of God. They have fervent heart for those unreached and outcast. Pastor Daniel and Ramya are blessed with a baby girl Hadassah Eva Annie. Daniel also works at Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College, teaching and equipping saints for the ministry. Pas. Daniel also ministers on Velugu TV.